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Ethical Yoga Wear for a Fitter Body and Mind

Posted by sabrina gouveia on

Yoga helps in purification of the body and the mind. It is no surprise then that men and women who practice Yoga daily desire to be wearing items of clothing that are ethical and eco-friendly.

Clothing is much more than the fabric or the garment that helps in covering parts of your body. It is real and natural and capable of igniting emotions inside you. The concept behind ethical and eco-friendly yoga wear is to make available items of clothing that are all natural and feel like being alive.

You laugh and smile and feel the spirit inside you when you take part in any sport or Yoga wearing such items of clothing.

Ethical, eco-friendly clothing also helps in your commitment towards a green and healthy life. Clothing made from organic and natural fibers is the best way to come closer to your inner consciousness.

Sustainable clothing is not just for those who practice yoga or take part in one or the other sport but are the need of the hour from the point of view of our environment, human and animal life, and in fact the whole ecosystem that we are a part of.

Our fabrics used are all natural and organic though spandex is used in addition in some of the garments to make them ideal for active wear. Bamboo and hemp are other natural substances that are used for making eco-friendly yoga wear.

Imagine wearing a Mesh Legging made of bamboo and organic cotton while attending your morning yoga class :)

This is why you can relax and enjoy yoga wear made by Northpoint Yoga as no unethical practices are indulged in. We make sure that they leave behind very little if any, carbon footprint and also do not employ child labor or cheap labor to protect human rights.



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